End of Life Care After Terri Schiavo

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Emerson Conference 9/21/12 The Terri Schaivo Experience:    Dr. Jay Wolfson

Emerson Conference: 9/21/12 – What Happend To My Mother:  Janice van Dyck

Our inaugural conference, at the Stetson College of Law in Tampa,  on September 21, 2012, brought diverse perspectives from four, nationally-known speakers: an attorney involved in the Terri Schiavo case, an award-winning novelist, a palliative care director at a leading hospital and a physician whose system for predicting the survivability of near-drowning children has been cited as the gold stand for such critical care.

“End of Life Care After Terri Schiavo…and the Affordable Health Care Act”

Jay Wolfson, D.P.H.; J.D.  

Guardian Ad Litem for Terri Schaivo

Associate Vice President and Professor/USF

Professor/Stetson College of Law


“How Patients Get Trapped in A Curative System”

 Janice M. Van Dyck

Award-Winning author of the book  Finding Frances



“Care Options in Acute Care Hospitals Today” 

Howard Tuch, M.D.

Director of Palliative Care Services

Tampa General Hospital


 “The Toughest Choice:The Limits of Care for Children”

James Orlowski, M.D. 

Chief of Pediatrics, Chairman of Ethics and Vice Chief of Staff/ Florida Hospital Tampa


For highlights of the conference check out these You Tube videos:

The Terri Schiavo Experience: It could happen to you